Stephanie | Underwater

When one water baby meets another water baby, it’s almost like speaking a language that few can speak! When I met Stephanie for her underwater shoot and she told me how much she loves water, it was like meeting a long lost relative! She received a shoot as a birthday gift – how’s that for […]

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Underwater Magic

I (Dana) have always had a love for anything underwater related. As a child, I literally spent many many (probably way too many!) hours in the pool, and have I’ve probably swallowed far too much water too! I’ve always preferred a relaxed approach to swimming – don’t get me started on competitive swimming though! And […]

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Sandri & Diederick | Wedding

This was probably the hottest but most beautiful day of the year! When Sandri & Diederick booked us early in 2014, the year ahead seemed a long wait – but suddenly 2014 zipped by and their wedding day was upon us! We were just so excited to finally be shooting their wedding, and I think […]

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Viwe & Arthur | Wedding

Viwe and Arthur’s wedding was crazy, busy but definitely filled with love and spirituality! After all, God definitely brought this couple together. After Viwe was transferred to Johannesburg, her Cape Town pastor sent her to his brother’s church in Johannesburg, where she and Arthur met through their Bible and prayer group. After spending more and […]

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Cintia & Marco | Wedding

There’s something very special about a wedding that the whole family has contributed to, to make it something magical. Cintia and Marco’s wedding was a special family affair, with their fantastic Argentinian roots and traditions making it for one seriously great occasion! From Cintia’s beautiful dress to her bridesmaid’s dresses, the cake and all the […]

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Margo & Sherwyn | Wedding

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a wedding day – the buzz of Margo & Sherwyn’s wedding day was positively electric! The day was beautiful, clear and hot, nobody could have wished for better for this special day! While the hustle and bustle was happening at Killarney Country Club making the reception hall look […]

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Karin & Craig | Wedding

The morning of Karin and Craig’s wedding day of the 2nd of March 2014 dawned cold and wet. It had been raining for days already, and there was no promise of a let up. But that wasn’t going to stop these two wonderful people getting married! Karin moved to South Africa from The Netherlands, and […]

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