Marionette | Conceptual

“A puppet is free as long as he loves his strings.” Sam Harris Our second conceptual underwater shoot was with the wonderful Bernice. The water was slightly fresh after a week of rain and not much sun – but she put on a brave face and powered through, looking picture perfect as a marionette doll! […]

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Peculiarity | Conceptual

After a few underwater shoots, I realised I needed a bit of help with the lighting side. With underwater, I’ve learnt nothing is cheap or simple. Since I am a problem-solver by nature, I opted to get creative and do something simple that I hoped would help my get started with understanding non-natural light with […]

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Siren | Conceptual

“A mermaid found a swimming lad, picked him for her own, Pressed her body to his body, laughed; and plunging down, forgot in cruel happiness that even lovers drown.” We had a fantastic time working with Samantha from Phoenix Temptress – she was one amazing underwater model and captured the essence of a siren amazingly! […]

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Gothic Victorian | Conceptual

This year we’re doing some conceptual shoots to keep our minds creative, and always stay inspired! Something we don’t do a lot of is off camera flash – that’s where these conceptual shoots come into play. Myself (Dana), Meghan from Meghan McCabe Photography and Emma visualised a gothic victorian inspired shoot. After hours of trying […]

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Mermaids & Dancers

At the very beginning of January, I held a second underwater shoot – one that we’d actually planned for December! After my first shoot, I was uncertain about the weather holding up (good ol’ December storms) and I was still recovering from some serious sunburn! So we postponed until January. Except the weather was even […]

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Jessica & Dylan | Wedding

Jessica & Dylan held their special day at the beautiful Thornbirds Wedding Centre in Eikenhof. It’s becoming one of our favourite venues for sure! They were surrounded by family and friends, and there was so much love going around on the day, so many smiles, hugs and laughs! It was truly wonderful for us to […]

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Underwater Magic

I (Dana) have always had a love for anything underwater related. As a child, I literally spent many many (probably way too many!) hours in the pool, and have I’ve probably swallowed far too much water too! I’ve always preferred a relaxed approach to swimming – don’t get me started on competitive swimming though! And […]

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