Sharné | Maternity

I don’t know who was more excited for this shoot – me or Sharné! Only a few days away from her delivery date, she was more than excited to get off her feet and swim for a bit in our amazingly warm Lonehill pool. Emma from Empress Makeup worked her magic to make Sharné look […]

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Raven | Conceptual

This shoot with Onyksi was one of my favourites – even though we picked the coldest day to shoot! Our first planned date didn’t work out, and then we had a few troubles with the pool! Finally we were able to shoot – regardless of the miserably cold weather! Thank goodness we were indoors with […]

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Stephanie | Test Session

With the weather getting colder, my regular pool is now absolutely freezing! Not good for underwater shoots! My friend currently uses a pool in Lonehill for her swimming school, and it’s indoors (awesome) and heated with a pump (double bonus) so it was perfect – except I had no idea of the lighting! That’s where […]

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Age of Extravagance | Conceptual

You most definitely can’t go wrong with adding pearls, chandeliers and beautiful long flowing couture dresses with water! Inspired by the Rococo period of glamour, elegance and extravagance, we pulled everything together for this shoot, which would be the last of our warm shoots for the year. Winter is upon us! Natasha – who is […]

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Moulin Rouge | Conceptual

This was such a fun shoot, even though the water was about 23/24 degrees Celcius! The funny thing about our weather at the moment – one day it’s perfectly clear and insanely hot, the next it’s rainy and freezing cold! We had a mix of both before this shoot, but not enough of the hot […]

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Marionette | Conceptual

“A puppet is free as long as he loves his strings.” Sam Harris Our second conceptual underwater shoot was with the wonderful Bernice. The water was slightly fresh after a week of rain and not much sun – but she put on a brave face and powered through, looking picture perfect as a marionette doll! […]

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Peculiarity | Conceptual

After a few underwater shoots, I realised I needed a bit of help with the lighting side. With underwater, I’ve learnt nothing is cheap or simple. Since I am a problem-solver by nature, I opted to get creative and do something simple that I hoped would help my get started with understanding non-natural light with […]

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