Kirstie | Mermaid Portraits

Being able to turn humans into mermaids has got to be the best part of my job. The glee that magically appears when feet are turned into a tail is something that never gets old! This shoot with Kirstie was one such shoot when it made me so happy to do what I do! Kirstie contacted me months before her shoot, and told me she wanted to celebrate a certain date with a mermaid shoot. That date was to mark a year of surviving a terrifying experience of having a collapsed lung that almost ended her life. A year later, and after so much hard work and rehab, Kirstie was determined to be a mermaid and show life that it can’t stop her from following her dreams! She also had another dream come true in the form of two incredible tails from the one and only Mertailor – one of the most talented tail makers in the world. Kirstie is the only mermaid I know of who owns Mertailor tails here in South Africa – and I had the incredible honour of photographing them (as well as a quick swim in her Fantasea Fin, which was a dream experience!).

This shoot was such a joy to be a part of, and see Kirstie’s excitement at being a mermaid after her ordeal was something you’ll never find anywhere else! I also was lucky enough to finally get to work with the incredibly talented Sigi Makeup, who turned Kirstie into the most beautiful colourful and sparkly mermaid in South Africa! ♥ I hope one day the three of us can do some more amazing creative work because we made one heck of an awesome team that day!

Thank you so much for Kirstie for trusting me to create your mermaid portraits for you, and to celebrate your survival day with me too! You are truly a mermaid with legs, and your energy and joy are definitely magical! Thank you to Sigi for your absolutely splendid makeup and airbrushing and shimmery-ness! Thank you to my amazing boyfriend JP for your assistance on the day with lighting and extra hands for makeup. And lastly, thank you to the Little Seahorses team for letting us use your beautiful pool that was perfect on a chilly day in May!

Check out the behind the scenes video HERE!

Photographer: Dana Cato
Mermaid – Tops & Crown: Kirstie
Makeup: Sigi Makeup
Tails: The Mertailor
Location: Little Seahorses Swimming School