LuFae | Mermaid Portraits

When the need to be a mermaid outweighs the crazy weather, you know this is one fintastic model to work with! As a Joburger, I have zero idea of Cape Town weather (how you deal with 4 seasons in one day is beyond me!) and so naturally I never realised that March is windy season, and the beach I’d chosen for LuFae’s shoot was a lovely windy one! We drove through fog, rain, sunshine and even saw a rainbow on the way to Table View, and while I was so glad the clouds had cleared, I didn’t think of the wind on the beach. With all the sand. All of it! Oh boy – 40km/h winds just blasting sand! LuFae’s husband was simply amazing by creating a wind/sand shield in the form of a tent to ensure she didn’t get totally sandblasted on the beach! What a legend! We then moved further back into the dunes for a little less crazy wind and grabbed a few more shoots, before it became a little too much! I’ve never photographed so quickly before, but LuFae was such a trooper with her composure in the weather, changing up posing and still looking so mermaidy!

Thank you so much LuFae and John for being truly amazing during this shoot, crazy wind and all! I think most folks would have packed up or given up, but you were honestly brilliant! ♥ Thank you so much to Lené for her beautifully bright mermaid makeup, and to Meghan for hanging onto that reflector like your life depended on it and helping to create these shots!

Photographer: Dana Cato
Model: LuFae Suicide
Makeup: Opgedollie
Assistant: Meghan McCabe Photography
Tail: Two Oceans Mermaid Tails