Deirdre | Underwater Mermaid

I dreamed of visiting Cape Town in late 2018, and I just so happened to get a message – from Deirdre – that made me realise this needed to happen! Initially it was a rough plan, but once dates were set, it was all systems go for some Cape Town mermaids! Deirdre was my first shoot for the week long trip, and my only underwater mermaid too! I was lucky enough to find a beautiful indoor heated pool not far from her place, and it was a gem to shoot in! I also created a tail in hues of blues and pinks to match her beautiful one piece costume she had just for this shoot. It was so much fun to work with her, and she was such a fun and enthusiastic mermaid in and out of the water! This was such a fintastic shoot, and this Deirdre is absolutely a real mermaid out of water!

Thank you to Deirdre for inspiring me to really make that Cape Town trip happen, and for supporting me in doing a shoot with me! Thank you so much to Taryn from Taryn’s Swimming Academy for allowing us to use her lovely pool! A huge thank you to Lené from Opgedollie for Dee’s beautiful mermaid makeup on the day! And last but not least, thank you to Meghan from Meghan McCabe Photography for her amazing assisting skills during this shoot and epic behind the scenes video too – check it out here!

Photographer: Dana Cato
Model: Deirdre
Makeup: Opgedollie
Assistant: Meghan McCabe Photography
Tail: Two Oceans Mermaid Tails
Location: Taryn’s Swimming Academy Parklands, CT