Dark Circus | Conceptual

There’s nothing quite like an inspirational kick up the creative rear end than seeing my favourite magazine taking submissions with a Dark Circus theme! And since I happen to know a rather talented make up artist, we planned our shoot in just a few days. I came down with a rough case of brochitis and flu, so we could only shoot once I was a little more human! Finally I had just enough strength to shoot, so we tarted up a shed in the garden, Emma worked her marvellous make up magic and away we went!

After all our hard work, we submitted our final pieces to Gothesque and waited with baited breath to hear if we’d be published. Just a few days later they let us know – we were in! Our first publication together, and we think it turned out amazing! We’re hoping to order a physical copy soon, but until then, check out some of our shots here!

Photographer: Dana Cato
Makeup: Emma Orchardson
Model: Chelsey Curry