Viking | Conceptual

You know that feeling of getting so involved in a series that it slowing creeps into everyday life? Well, let’s say Emma (and me) are a little bit obsessed this the show Vikings. Not only are the actors and actresses always looking amazing, but it’s not totally far from being historically accurate! Plus, a lot of South Africans and English folk have the vikings of old to thank for their heritage, even though they weren’t exactly the nicest people! Anyway – Emma first mentioned doing a Viking shoot months ago, and then when we ended up watching the series together, we realised it had to happen now! Off we went to Hollywood Costumes for some corsets and belts! Then Emma, Meghan and I traipsed around the botanical gardens getting the most amazing light and backgrounds hidden from the main paths. It was such fun! Emma did all her own makeup and made her own dreadlocks, arm bracers and furry boots. I quickly threw in some braids into her hair for some extra detail. And Emma is a naturally fierce looking model, so she totally rocked this shoot! Thank you ladies for another amazing shoot!

Model & MUA: Emma
Outfits: Emma / Hollywood Costumes
Bracers: Emma
Hair: Dana