Age of Extravagance | Conceptual

You most definitely can’t go wrong with adding pearls, chandeliers and beautiful long flowing couture dresses with water! Inspired by the Rococo period of glamour, elegance and extravagance, we pulled everything together for this shoot, which would be the last of our warm shoots for the year. Winter is upon us! Natasha – who is naturally a diver – was super brave in the fresh water, wearing a gorgeous handmade gown and rocking her first underwater shoot! I honestly couldn’t tell she’d never done one from the way she looked so composed and elegant under the water. Thank you for being such a star, and for arranging that incredible dress!

Check here to see our behind-the-scenes video of this shoot!

Model: Natasha
MUA: Emma Orchardson
Dress: Sjarmante Diamante
Props: Dana Cato