Moulin Rouge | Conceptual

This was such a fun shoot, even though the water was about 23/24 degrees Celcius! The funny thing about our weather at the moment – one day it’s perfectly clear and insanely hot, the next it’s rainy and freezing cold! We had a mix of both before this shoot, but not enough of the hot days to keep the pool warm! But we powered on through this awesome shoot, as the saying goes, the show must go on! And on it went! Libré was such an amazing model to work with – could you ever tell she’d never done an underwater shoot before? I couldn’t! Even as the sun and the last bit of warmth disappeared, she still somehow managed to look fabulous and something off a Moulin Rouge set!

Thank you Libré for being such a great sport, dealing with that cold water, and looking amazing! I had such a blast working with you, you are always welcome to do an underwater shoot (we’ll try get warmer water next time!) Thank you to my main lady Emma for her gorgeous makeup as always, such a star!