Peculiarity | Conceptual

After a few underwater shoots, I realised I needed a bit of help with the lighting side. With underwater, I’ve learnt nothing is cheap or simple. Since I am a problem-solver by nature, I opted to get creative and do something simple that I hoped would help my get started with understanding non-natural light with water.

I found a fantastic LED panel with rave reviews, and so I purchased it along with a giant clear click-lock container. Although the container was a bit large (not even 8kg could half submerge this 10l beast) I settled on using it right on top of the water’s surface.

Itching to try out my creative invention, Emma kindly offered her modelling skills for the day! With her amazing makeup and a lot of testing to do, we spent about 4 hours in the pool having a blast! Emma is such a natural underwater and so keen to try anything, even if it means getting vast quantities of water up her nose! Thank you Emma for being so amazing! We had such fun, and got some rather fantastic shots!

As I was going through them and editing, it reminded me somewhat of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I couldn’t help but name this blog post after my editing inspiration!