Gothic Victorian | Conceptual

This year we’re doing some conceptual shoots to keep our minds creative, and always stay inspired! Something we don’t do a lot of is off camera flash – that’s where these conceptual shoots come into play. Myself (Dana), Meghan from Meghan McCabe Photography and Emma visualised a gothic victorian inspired shoot. After hours of trying on outfits from Hollywood Costumes, and countless emails from Meghan to find the right location, our shoot came together! We made our way out to Camelotte Wedding Venue in Hartbeespoort and missed one of the biggest storms Joburg had in a while! Lucky! We were glad for a bit of shade from the clouds, making for perfect lighting. Meghan and I took turns as light stands, and we got some fantastic shots between us (check out her shots here).

Thank you to Hollywood Costumes for your beautiful outfits as always, to Emma for your fabulous modelling skills, and Meghan for all your hard working finding the location and being a light stand!