Underwater Magic

I (Dana) have always had a love for anything underwater related. As a child, I literally spent many many (probably way too many!) hours in the pool, and have I’ve probably swallowed far too much water too! I’ve always preferred a relaxed approach to swimming – don’t get me started on competitive swimming though! And of course, since I was born with bright red hair, naturally I spent a lot of time pretending to be a mermaid. So, when I discovered the world of underwater photography – heavily inspired by Ilse Moore and Von Wong – I realised it was a no brainer that it was worth trying!

I recently held a full day of shoots, as well as a shoot earlier last year that was mostly a test shoot. Only two shoots in and I’m addicted – but still learning! I’m hoping to offer underwater shoots in the future as my experience and knowledge goes. If you would like to do a test / TFCD shoot, whether it’s a conceptual or couple or anything shoot, please send me a message, I’d simply love to work with you!

Here are some of my favourite shots so far from my time underwater. There are more to come, so keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for more!

Thank you to my insanely talented makeup artist – Emma Orchardson! And thank you to my fabulous models, you were all amazing! ♥