Jessica & Dylan | Engagement Shoot

Jessica and Dylan are such a great couple – she’s bouncy, sweet and lively, and he is calm, focused and so down to earth! They truly compliment and balance each other, and it’s such a sight to behold! Jessica found us online and was so excited to book us – we were just as excited to work with her and Dylan! We decided to try somewhere totally new for their engagement shoot, and we went to the stunning Bryanston Forest just off Sloan Drive. Wow. A few clouds lingered in the sky, almost threatening rain, but we were so lucky to have some sunshine that day, since the first shoot date was rained out! Jessica and Dylan are such naturals in front of the camera, they made the shoot a ton of fun! Thanks guys for being such rockstars, for braving a totally new place in heels, sitting and standing and spinning, you were awesome! We can’t wait for your wedding in November!


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