Wedding Day Tips – From Your Photographer

Weddings are a special day for a bride and groom, and it can fly by. As photographers, it flies by for us too, but we work like crazy behind the scenes to make sure that those memories aren’t forgotten as the day happens so fast. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day, so we’ve put together a few tips for brides and grooms for your wedding day. From getting ready to the ceremony, we’ve got some tips, recommendations and ideas for you.


It’s safe to say you’ve heard people say you should get a professionals to do your hair and makeup. And we’ll agree. Hair stylists are not only there to save you time (chances are, they can style your hair faster than you can) but they also know how to make it last all day and night. Unless you want something very natural or simple, or you’re an experienced hair stylist, leave this one to your stylist. Makeup artists are similar in that they know how to make your makeup last all day and night. No smudged mascara (even if you’ve been crying) and no facing eyeshadow. They’re great at keeping you looking natural while still wearing makeup, and it makes a difference in the photos, giving you a healthy glowing face til you hit the pillow!


Keep all your jewellery, perfume, shoes and any other details in one place. Your photographer will need to photograph them, so have something for them to stay in, such as a box or suitcase, so they don’t get misplaced.

Don’t be afraid to take your wedding dress out of it’s bag. Find somewhere light and airy for it to hang and let any small wrinkles work themselves out, and so your photographer can get some shots without having to move it too much. Also, find a hanger that’s a little different, and not just a plain plastic hanger. Make sure to keep it away from any food, drinks or makeup, just in case!

Pack a small emergency kit of plasters, tissues, wet wipes, safety pins, tweezers, Panado, electrolytes, sweets and a pair of shoes  that are the same height as your wedding shoes.

Just like the bride, put all your special items in one place. Cufflinks, shoes, bowtie, watch in one place so your photographer can get some shots and you won’t misplace them.

Keep it relaxed! Unlike the bride, you don’t have to worry about hair and makeup, so take this chance to relax with your groomsmen. If you’ve got a photographer, they’ll likely be in the background, grabbing some shots, so act like they’re not there. Get dressed when you’re ready, and make sure you have enough time to get some formal shots of you with your groomsmen – roughly 15 minutes should be plenty!


While family and friends will be itching to congratulate you and chat, now is a great time to give them some time to relax before the party. If the budget calls for it, have some drinks and snacks available, and allow your guests to mingle and chat while you have your photos.


Have your wedding party photos first, and then let them mingle too, or perhaps ask your maid of honour to help you during photos. Your photographer shouldn’t spent more than 1 hour with you, so take this opportunity to have some fun and relax. If photos aren’t your thing, then just focus on your husband. Chat, giggle and relax, and let your photographer do their thing. Apart from family photos, these will be the last ‘posed’ photos of the night, and you’ll want to look back with good memories, so don’t let the camera bug you. 🙂 


Family photos are important, but should be quick and simple. Your photographer will find a location for your photos, and it’s a great idea to ask your maid of honour or a close family member to help herd family members for photos. Unless you have a large family, we’d recommend keeping photos to immediate family important relatives. Cousins, second cousins, aunts and uncles can all get photos with you either during the reception or at a photobooth if you choose to have one.


Now you finally get to enjoy the evening with your new husband/wife, family and friends. Once your speeches have ended (keep it short and sweet if you can) you can have dinner (your photographer will also appreciate the break to get something to eat and drink) and any final formalities, such as the first dance, cutting of the cake, throwing the bouquet/garter and any other traditions. Get everyone on the dancefloor and have some fun – your photographer will make sure to get those shots, because who wouldn’t want to remember having fun at their wedding? Make sure you keep hydrated (the less alcohol the better) and just enjoy it. Once your photographer has done their job, they’ll ensure they have all the shots they need, and you can make the most of those last hours of your wedding day!



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