Angela & Merrylegs


Having been part of the equestrian community at Shepherd’s Fold Stables for many years as a rider, it’s a great feeling to go back as a photographer and see it from a different perspective. The Stables held their autumn training showjumping show in May, and FireFlight Photography donated prizes to some of the winners of the classes. This, by the way, is no easy feat. Riders must first get a clear round and then they qualify to go in the jump off against the other riders. In the jump off, riders need to get a clear round as fast as they can in order to win! Twice the hard work, but twice the fun if you win! And one of our winners is the very brave and talented Angela!

Angela won a photo shoot with her favourite schoolpony – Merrylegs. This little mare can out-jump several of the larger horses and makes it look easy – while still looking beautiful! And Angela has such courage, determination and skill that the two of them rock any course! Only a very special bond between horse and rider can make something like that happen.

These two were an adorable pair to photograph – no carrots needed for bribing, these two worked magic in front of the camera, despite the terrifying shiny reflector, the noisy reeds blowing in the wind and the howling wind! We had lots of fun working with them, and hope they stay together for many more happy riding hours!

Angela_Merrylegs_000 Angela_Merrylegs_001 Angela_Merrylegs_002 Angela_Merrylegs_003 Angela_Merrylegs_004 Angela_Merrylegs_005 Angela_Merrylegs_006 Angela_Merrylegs_007 Angela_Merrylegs_008 Angela_Merrylegs_009 Angela_Merrylegs_010 Angela_Merrylegs_011 Angela_Merrylegs_012 Angela_Merrylegs_013 Angela_Merrylegs_014 Angela_Merrylegs_015 Angela_Merrylegs_016 Angela_Merrylegs_017


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