FireFlight Photography team at work

The Team At Work

FireFlight Photography team at work
We’re perfectioninsts, which means we make sure every little detail is captured!

If you haven’t already met our team, we thought we’d give you a little preview of what we do when we work at weddings and shoots.  We’re a team of 3 photographers – Dana, JP and Adriaan. At the moment, Adriaan is overseas, so Dana and JP have been out and about doing shoots. We’re all perfectionists – some say this might be a bad thing, but I think it’s a good thing. During a shoot, it’s pretty crucial to make sure everything is perfect, from the light to the way clients look and feel and the smallest details that really make the biggest difference!

We’re natural light photographers. That means we make use of natural light sources to give us the best light. It’s not like we have a serious aversion to studio lights, they’re incredibly powerful and useful. No, we just prefer natural light, it’s a little less dramatic in most cases and when it goes well, it makes for the most incredible images. Unfortunately, the weather won’t always play nice, and sometimes the sun has to go down in order for night to arrive. We’ll work around that, but when the light is good – and by good, I mean perfect, then we’ll make the most of it.

We want clients to feel and look fantastic in a shoot. Not everyone loves being in front of the camera, we can empathise with that! And because we do, we take an extra step to making sure clients are comfortable and happy in front of the camera. This way they’ll have a great time during a shoot, and it’ll show in their photos.

“At a shoot, I (Dana) generally tell my clients to pretend I’m not there. That way, they can do their own thing,
be completely natural and not have to worry about me forcing them into unnatural poses. If the need arises,
I’ll direct them into a pose that I’d like them to do. By allowing them to be free,
with some small element of control,
it puts clients at ease. 
The difference between uncomfortable, forced poses and natural, relaxed poses is enormous.” 

Letting the couple be themselves results in some natural and special moments to be captured.

Small details turn into big things if they’re not attended to during a shoot. Things like making use of the best light, we’ll make sure clients are in the most perfect space possible. If there’s an object that sticks out, we’ll move it. A small hair in the way, we’ll move it. A great big building, sadly we can’t move that, but we’ll go somewhere else. For weddings, we’ll find the best settings for the bride and groom to get dressed, to photograph the little details and for the couple to be during their shoot.

In this case, being a perfectionist works in our favour, and in our client’s favour. It means that it’ll result in only the very best photos and moments being captured, making for happy clients and happy perfectionists.

Sometimes we’ll direct clients to help them along, while allowing them to feel and look natural at the same time.

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