Simone & Gaius Couple Session

Why choosing your photographer is more than just a simple decision.

As a photographer, I’ve noticed the increasingly growing trend of the importance of photographers in peoples’ lives. Never before have people so willingly photographed events such as birthdays, parties, workshops, weddings, just so they can share photos with family and friends abroad through Facebook, email, Twitter. The interconnectivity is just amazing!

Now, to explain what my title really means. Let’s say you’re having a big 21st birthday party, a corporate event, a family reunion or a wedding. And you need a photographer. Do you simply Google which photographer is out there, perhaps the one that’s nearest to you, and book them? Do you find the one that won’t break the bank? Do you find the one that is the most popular, perhaps ones that your friends have used in the past? If you’ve said yes to any one of these, maybe you need to think a bit more. Why do I say that? Surely you want someone close by so they won’t have to travel, and you certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on some photos for a few hours – heck, you could do it yourself! And you’d prefer to use someone that your friends recommend because they’ll deliver good service. Those sound like fairly reasonable theories.

But here’s one you might not have thought of – do you like their work. Really, do you like their work? Have you gone onto their site, viewed their portfolio, fallen madly in love with their style? Do you have to have them at your party/event/wedding? No? Then they’re not the photographer for you.

Think about it this way. Would you walk into a shop and willingly buy something you don’t want, even if it’s cheap? Or if it’s expensive? If it goes against your personal style, would you happily use it, display it, want it. No. If you don’t want it, you won’t get it. Even if you need it, you won’t want that particular one and you’ll search for one that you do like, and it does the same thing. Think of clothes, appliances, gifts, houses. If its not what you want, you won’t get it.

Your photographer should be the same. All photographers do the same thing, essentially – we photograph. But, there are no two photographers alike. Even if you need a photographer for whatever reason, it’s better to find one that you want. Like I said before, “you’ll search for one that you do like“. You need to fall in love with their work, their style, their personality, their brand. And yes, there are photographers out there that you can fall in love with and your budget will still be in tact. It takes some searching, but its worth that little bit of extra work to find the right photographer.

Think about it the next time you need a photographer. If it’s doesn’t grab your attention immediately, then keep looking.

Simone & Gaius Couple Session
Choosing the right photographer means your memories look the way you want them to.

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