Stephanie | Underwater

When one water baby meets another water baby, it’s almost like speaking a language that few can speak! When I met Stephanie for her underwater shoot and she told me how much she loves water, it was like meeting a long lost relative! She received a shoot as a birthday gift – how’s that for […]

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Dark Circus | Conceptual

There’s nothing quite like an inspirational kick up the creative rear end than seeing my favourite magazine taking submissions with a Dark Circus theme! And since I happen to know a rather talented make up artist, we planned our shoot in just a few days. I came down with a rough case of brochitis and […]

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Joanne | Underwater

“When you step out of your comfort zone, you are stepping into your greatness.” Life gets crazy busy towards the end of the year, and sometimes planning shoots can be a mission with everything going on – especially underwater shoots! Our lovely outdoor pool is slightly weather temperamental, so when Joanne asked to use that […]

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Shawaal | Underwater Maternity

One of the most exciting themes for any shoot is colour, and that’s just what Shawaal asked for her underwater maternity shoot! And not just one or two colours – all of the colours! She bravely handled 30m+ of fabric behind her, which entailed lots of trying to arrange fabric that looked great one second […]

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Viking | Conceptual

You know that feeling of getting so involved in a series that it slowing creeps into everyday life? Well, let’s say Emma (and me) are a little bit obsessed this the show Vikings. Not only are the actors and actresses always looking amazing, but it’s not totally far from being historically accurate! Plus, a lot […]

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